The Government of Alberta created the CyberAlberta community of interest (COI) in 2022 to inform and engage Alberta stakeholders on matters relating to cybersecurity. The group is led by the Government of Alberta’s Cybersecurity division and formed with the cybersecurity leads of Alberta-based public and private organizations.

The CyberAlberta COI: 

  • Aims to strengthen Alberta’s overall cybersecurity posture,
  • Promotes best practices in cybersecurity to help organizations stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats, and
  • Works to develop new cyber talent across the province to address the growing demand for skilled professionals.

CyberAlberta Community of Interest Terms of Reference

People using laptop, smartphone and tablet in a meeting with text Terms of Reference.

CyberAlberta Community of Interest Terms of Reference

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The CyberAlberta COI membership currently has over 360 members representing over 200 private and public sector Alberta organizations, and continues to grow. This group meets monthly to discuss relevant cybersecurity topics.

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June 5, 2024
1 pm to 3 pm

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