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In our dynamic and ever-expanding digital landscape, the significance of cybersecurity has reached unprecedented heights. However, with this increasing importance comes a heightened level of complexity.

Enter CyberAlberta – a dedicated initiative designed to empower both public and private organizations in Alberta to effectively combat the constantly evolving threats they encounter daily.

Our primary objective is to fortify Alberta's overall cybersecurity resilience, ensuring that every entity operating within the province has seamless access to the information, resources, and support necessary to safeguard the interests of Albertans.

At the helm of CyberAlberta is our team – the Government of Alberta’s Cybersecurity Division. Our membership comprises a diverse array of entities, including municipalities, towns, libraries, postsecondary institutions, banking establishments, and businesses of all scales, collectively forming a robust alliance dedicated to cybersecurity excellence.

We extend an open invitation to all organizations operating in the province and committed to supporting Albertans to join our organization. We are stronger together.

Among the myriad benefits our members enjoy, our intelligence reports stand out as a key service, delivering crucial insights into emergent threats and actionable strategies for response.

Additionally, we offer comprehensive awareness materials that individuals and organizations can leverage to educate themselves and their staff about cyber threats, fostering a safer online environment. Our aim is to empower members to understand, prepare for, and effectively respond to emerging threats, alleviating the administrative burden associated with researching incidents and trends.

In a concerted effort with education service providers, we actively explore innovative approaches to cultivating cybersecurity talent, addressing the global shortage in cybersecurity resources. Moreover, we aim to establish benchmarks that organizations should strive towards, ensuring their confidence in being well-protected.

To enhance accessibility, we've launched our new website, a central hub for all things CyberAlberta. Be sure to check back regularly, as we'll be continually adding valuable information and resources in the months to come.

As CyberAlberta matures, my vision is for it to catalyze positive growth in the Alberta cybersecurity landscape. I firmly believe that our community of interest, with our membership diversity, possesses the potential and expertise to deliver impactful solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing the cybersecurity industry, such as expanding the talent pool and addressing AI-powered threats.

Martin Dinel, BSc, ISP, ITCP, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer and ADM, Cybersecurity Division
Technology and Innovation, Government of Alberta

Stronger together

Around the world, organizations are struggling to stay ahead of the cybersecurity threats, schemes, and tactics that evolve and change every day.

With CyberAlberta, Alberta-based organizations don’t need to face the threat alone.

We share information, develop resources, and identify solutions in collaboration with members to address shared threats in the Alberta cybersecurity ecosystem. Learn more about us and our work.

More features coming

We’re working to introduce new features in the next few months to serve Albertans and our members better. Check back soon for a job board, discussion board, events calendar and more.

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We bring together public, private, and non-profit organizations from across Alberta to share information and improve cybersecurity awareness.

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BSides Edmonton

On stage speaker does presentation in a conference

BSides Edmonton

Are you interested in speaking at a cybersecurity conference? BSides Edmonton is looking for speakers for their September 23 and 24 conference.

BSides Edmonton 2024 Call for Speakers (google.com)

2024 Calgary Cyber Summit

2024 Calgary Cyber Summit and its logo

2024 Calgary Cyber Summit

Registration for the 2024 Calgary Cyber Summit is open.

This Summit takes place every two years in Calgary and is attended by more than 400 people who are mainly law enforcement and some private sector members who are in the cyber security field. We will be having speakers from all over the world and there will be many vendors as well. There will be a lot of case studies, presentations on various issues as it relates to cyber crimes / technology, and fun social networking events each night.

The Summit is open to all law enforcement personnel and also members in the private sector who are actively investigating cybercrimes. There are also vendor opportunities still available.

The 2024 Calgary Cyber Summit is from October 22-25, 2024.

For more information, visit the 2024 Calgary Cyber Summit website.