Securing systems in cyberspace is challenging, given the global reach of malicious actors, complexities in corporate networks, and user awareness gaps. With ongoing modernization, there is an escalating risk of widespread or high-impact events that could affect individuals and their data in Alberta.

Cybersecurity's foundational principles include implementing strong passwords, updating software, and enabling multi-factor authentication—practices known as "cyber hygiene."

Cyber hygiene is no longer enough. For both public and private organizations, developing and implementing customized cybersecurity plans is vital to safeguarding information assets.

CyberAlberta was created to help Alberta-based organizations improve their ability to mitigate, respond, and stay ahead of threats.

CyberAlberta’s role

CyberAlberta is looking to help build up the resiliency of Alberta’s cyberspace.

We offer a range of cybersecurity services and resources focused on operational resilience, cybersecurity practices, and other key elements of a robust and resilient cyber framework. We continue to advise members on current cyber trends and attacks, how to manage cyber risks, strengthen defenses, and implement preventative measures.